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Live Stream of Services on the Parish YouTube Channel

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
A few important notes regarding the streaming of services on the YouTube channel:

  • This is not a show or concert, nor should it function as background music while cooking or doing some activity. Rather, you are being called to pray with us.
  • The electronic device being used should be set up so that the participants are facing their icons. You may light a candle by your icons.
  • Turn off your phones, televisions and radios. Stand in prayer as you would in church. There should be no talking. You may sit down when there are parts of the service that permit sitting, for example the reading of the kathisma. You should attempt to remain for the entire service to the extent possible. Of course the elderly may sit they would in church.
  • If you are with children, then they too should stand quietly, but it would be understandable the entire service may be too long for some ages.

In short, conduct yourselves as would in church or are doing your evening prayers.  If these recommendations are not being followed, I would prefer the faithful not click on the livestream.

In Christ,
Prot. Victor Boldewskul


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